The REST API lets you interact with Gilt from anything that can send an HTTP request. There are many things you can do with the REST API. For example:

  • A mobile website can access Gilt sales from Javascript.
  • A webserver can show sales and products from Gilt on a website.
  • Applications written in any programming language can interact with data on Gilt.



Gilt.com is divided into stores. Currently there are four stores exposed by the API: Women, Men, Baby & Kids and Home.


Sales are curated collections of purchasable products. Most sales exposed via the API are flash sales, meaning that the sales begin and end at particular times and that inventory is limited to a specific pre-determined amount. The particular amount of items available is not disclosed.


Products are named items available for purchase. For the purposes of the API, a product encompasses a number of SKUs.


SKUs (Stock-keeping units) describe different versions of the same item. For example: different sizes of the same boot or different colors of bedsheets.

Making API requests

API Keys

An API key is a sequence of 32 alphanumeric charachers and can be obtained using the API key dashboard.

Request Format

All API access is over HTTPS, and accessed via the https://api.gilt.com domain. The relative path prefix /v1/ indicates that we are currently using version 1 of the API.

Signing requests

We use API key authentication for our read-only endpoints. Append to all API requests the parameter apikey with the value being the key given to you via the Developer Portal.


curl "https://api.gilt.com/v1/sales/upcoming.json?apikey=abcdefghi"

Affiliate ID

If you are participating in the affiliate marketing program, pass in your Commission Junction Affiliate ID via the query parameter affid along with all requests.

All links to Gilt product and sale pages will be appropriately adjusted to enable click tracking for all traffic driven to Gilt's website, so be sure to use all URLs exactly as they are returned to ensure that proper credit is received.


curl "https://api.gilt.com/v1/sales/upcoming.json?apikey=abcdefghi123abcdefghi123abcdefghi123&affid=1234"